How To Judge The Market Of Rolex Replica Watches

The previous blog we have talked about the birth and history of Daytona. At that time, Daytona was still a niche chronograph, and due to the impact of the quartz crisis, in fact, Daytona was not welcomed by the market, and it belonged to a situation that no one cared about.

Regarding this change, it can be said that it is a watershed between medieval replica watches uk and modern Daytona. In addition to the movement change, the appearance has also been significantly changed. The size is increased by 1MM, the black rubber ring is cancelled and the steel/gold ring is unified. Add shoulder pads to the head position, and add the observatory certification logo at 12 o’clock on the dial except the LOGO. The logo of COSMOGAPH DAYTONA is still retained, and a more modern configuration is adopted as a whole, and the waterproofness has also been raised to the standard of 100M.

With the new movement Daytona, the small seconds dial was changed from nine o’clock to six o’clock. The positions of the left and right small second dials are also raised, and are no longer aligned with the central axis. The case rolex replica part cancels the brushing and polishing, and all are polished. The overall shell shape will also be fatter than before, but the thickness has not changed much, and it is even a little thinner because of the self-produced movement.